Smart Chart Help / Trip Planner Help

The Trip Planning Section includes tools for planning your trip.  You can start by exploring the area that you plan to sail to by going to the SmartChart.  After you've become familar with the various features in the area and get a feel for chart coverage, you can get more detailed information by using the Light Guide or Notice to Mariners.  You can also build your own waypoints in the SmartChart and connect them as routes in the trip planner. Then go to the Trip Planner and enter your beginning point, waypoints, and destination to plot your course and print out kneeboard maps of your route 

Tools and Reference Help

One single place where you can go to calculate distance between points, great circle routes, speed and heading calculations as well as weather calculations.  Again, it's all free.

MariPedia Help

The most complete set of nautical links in the world.  Here you will find anything and everything concerning boating.  From the people who make the people who sail the people who make sunglasses for the people who sail them.  If it's on the internet, you will find it here.  If not, feel free to add a link.  Add your site to the best nautical links database in the world.

WeatherStation Help / WeatherPlot Help

The Weather Station has a variety of weather information mostly targeted for use by the marine community.  The WeatherBrief page was designed to give a mariner all of the information necessary to understand the current conditions at almost 4000 observing stations around the world.  It also includes a short-term city forecast and an area extended forecast.  The most intriguing part of the weatherstation are the two interactive maps.  You can click on the various features on the map to get more information. You can may enter a city, zip code, geographic name, i.e. 'Adams Point', a weather bouy ID, or a lat/lon and the weather for that area will be reported to you. We also include coastal, near shore, offshore and high seas zone forecasts.

Marine Logbook Help

A free Marine logbook application?  Yes.  It's as simple as logging in and entering your log information.  Want to export it to Access or Excel?  No problem!  No Java, no hassles, easy to use log program!

Discussion Deck Help

We're bringing the nautical community together by bringing meaningful, yet entertaining discussion forums to the nautical world.  This is where you can meet other people interested in boating, discuss relevant issues, etc...  This is also where you can suggest improvements for the site, tell us about our technical difficulties and so on.